Siemens SCADA Software

SIEMENS SCADA software family consists of three main pillars, WinCC Pro, WinCC 7 and WinCC Open Architecture (OA). The three software cover the whole spectrum of your SCADA solution needs. From a distributed control system (DCS) to a moderately complex factory automation project requiring multiple servers to a very large geographically distributed, scalable and robust SCADA system, such as WinCC OA, a SAM Analytic Solutions’ SCADA product specialist can help you choose the right product for your industrial automation needs. The SIEMENS SCADA software are agnostic to your automation and control hardware; you can enjoy state-of-the-art SCADA solution from SIEMENS even if you have legacy control system or controller from any other manufacturer.

WinCC Pro

WinCC Runtime Professional (WinCC Pro) is a PC-based operator control and monitoring system that allows machine operator to visualize and control various processes, production flows, machines and plants. WinCC Pro is popular and can be used in any – discrete or process – manufacturing environment. Its implementation range from a simple single-user station to distributed multi-user systems and cross-location solutions. WinCC Pro also boasts remote access with web clients.

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SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional (TIA Portal)

WinCC V7

WinCC V7 by Siemens offers an innovative, scalable process-visualization system with numerous high-performance functions for monitoring and management of automated processes. It can be used in a single-user system or a distributed multi-user system with redundant servers. WinCC V7 offers complete functionality for all industries, and features optimum openness.

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Flexibility, scalability and openness are the three traits combined with security in this most powerful SCADA solution on the planet. It can be deployed with equal ease on a single system with a very light form factor to a large geographically distributed system with up-to 2048 servers (yes, if you are reading binary, it is indeed 2 to the power of 11).

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SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture